Welcome aboard!


Painting and sketching on board Mein Schiff 3

September & Oktober 2014: Adria with Croatia and west Mediterranian Sea
Early November 2014: Cape Verde Islands, Canary Islands with Marocco

The big adventure starts soon: on September 7th I will join Mein Schiff 3 in Valetta, Malta. For 4 month this brandnew and beautiful ship will be my home. I’m so exited to meet the crew and the guests and the studio.

I really appreciate creating together with the guests special travel memories. The beautiful studio gives us a stunning view on the sea and inspires us! Acrylics, watercolor and creating a travel journal are some of the workshops I offer to the guests. Let’s meet on Deck 6 Starfisch and if you can’t come I hope you enjoy my watercolors and sketchings.
Welcome aboard and happy painting!

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