Absorbed in thoughts of sketching

Skizze Alexa Dilla © Annja Weinberger, 6.5.2015

I draw very much outside , whatever the weather . I monitor, looking for a place for me and only wait a while . Is this the right place ? Or another line of sight ? How complex is the subject? Too hard for me ? Do I want it so complicated or choose rather a section ? I have today enough guts for the subject? And how do I create it ? What colors ? Where do I start ?

I may try it again, at worst, it comes to nothing!

Interestingly, the more I draw and paint, the more I don’t care about creating a “ masterpiece „, I enjoy the process : before, during and after sketching.

Suddenly the time has come: quiet in me, I start to sketch, dunking into the sketch, hearing like a lynx , seeing like an eagle and breathing the whole subject . The more hectic the environment, the calmer I become. The meditation begins – I become deeply happy through sketching.

A heartly gratitude to Annja, she has drawn me so beautiful!

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