Moonglow – three in one Watercolor

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I never choose a watercolor from the brand, only from quality. I love high density pigment watercolors. So I use the italian Maimeri Blu, the neutral tint by schmincke Horadam, goldgreen by Winsor & Newton and some Daniel Smith colors.

Yesterday I was in Amsterdam at Van Beek for some Daniel Smith watercolors (no way to buy them in Germany). I met Yvon, a Van Beek staff member, to talk shop about watercolors and brushes and papers and, and, and. And: she handed me some informations about Daniel Smith PrimaTek colors and – best of all – a colorchart with over 60 color blobs to try.

I love the undersea green by Daniel Smith (thanks to Iain Stewart :), which granulates in wonderful dark-green and cobalt blue shades. Now a second favorite color comes to my palette: moonglow! Moonglow (the name itself is a promise) granulates in a mystic dark-violett-red-shade. How can these color-miracle happen? Now I got the answer:

Moonglow, for instance, is built-on three different pigments:

  1. 1. Viridian
  2. 2. Ultramarin Blue
  3. Anthraquinoid Red
Vergrößerung eines Aquarellpapieres mit Moonglow-Farbe

Each pigment acts in a different density or specific gravity: Viridian has the highest density and falls to the „valley! of the paper first. The next pigment that settles down is Ultramarin Blue and finally, Anthraquinoid Red „floats“ on the top as it is synthetic.

What a wonderful miracle!

PrimaTek: Where nature meets art

Daniel Smith about 60 bulb ColorChart

To me the pure pigments mined from the earth like Lapis Lazuli, Tiger’s Eye or Hematit have a very special impression. To bear in mind that artists in the Renaissance and beyond choosed the same quality of colors that we can use now, for me is very special.

On the Colorchart Yvon gave to me, there are about 30 PrimaTek Color bulbs to try. Each color is described very detailed from where the pigment is mined all over the world.

I think these genuine watercolors are a fascinating addition to my watercolor palette.

What are your most loved watercolor pigments? Do you have a „color treasure“ you like to share?

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