Art of Watercolor | First Prize

It is with immense pleasure that I reveal the thrilling news of winning the first prize
in the watercolor competition held by the esteemed publication 'Art of Watercolor'.
Painting is better with espresso and cookies!

With great joy, I share the exciting news that I have won the first prize in the watercolor competition of the prestigious magazine 'Art of Watercolor.'

This success holds a special significance for me as the subject was created during my time as an onboard artist on the cruise ship TUI 'Mein Schiff.'

During our travels, I had the privilege to visit Catania in Sicily, a city rich in history and closely linked to Mount Vesuvius. While wandering through the streets, I stumbled upon this unique house that immediately captivated me. I sat in front of it several times, sketching it in my book. The curious residents of the house often invited me to sit down and offered me refreshments in the form of espresso and Sicilian cookies.

From Catania to Lake Garda

Once, a woman gathered her neighbors to look at my sketches. The windows opened, and I was praised in Italian for my work.

This wonderful time in Catania will forever remain in my memory, and this painting is the result of the vibrant impressions on-site, the heat of summer city life, and the support of the people at Via Billattoni 34 in Catania.

Hardly had I completed the watercolor when it already found a buyer and now adorns a summer house at Lake Garda. A fitting and delightful destiny, I must say.

Moreover, it fills me with pride and gratitude that precisely this painting has earned the first place in this competition. It is a recognition of the passion and dedication I invest in my artistic endeavors, and it encourages me to continue my journey and discover new inspiring subjects

Of course, I am very happy to see that my two additional entries have also made it to the top ranks!
Discover the house in Catania, Sicily!
Immerse yourself in its charm through StreetView.

Sizilien, Catania, Via Billotta 34

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