Since my childhood, watercolor painting has been my passion, allowing me to express my emotions in vivid and captivating colors. The spontaneity of watercolors aligns with my understanding of vitality, sensuality, and joy.

Painting is an irreplaceable necessity for me, a silent communication that nourishes my mind, akin to food for my body. Unveiling the invisible is a driving curiosity that leads me to immerse myself deeply into the essence of things.

In my art, I create portraits of my family and friends, compelling landscapes, and dynamic urban sketches, whether through Urban Sketching or Plein Air painting in my garden, natural settings, or breathtaking parks like Kew Gardens. The unique energy of colors and the spontaneity of watercolors breathe life into my creations, allowing them to tell their own stories.

Drawing from years of experience as a cruiseship painter on ‘TUI Mein Schiff’ and my profound connections to family, friends, and nature, I create authentic motifs. Every stroke and hue reflects my multifaceted relationships and our connection to life.

When I paint and draw, a subtle dialogue emerges between the subject and myself as an artist. The artwork reflects my emotions and experiences, and in this personal connection, I discover a quiet resonance that transcends words. The visible often manifests at the boundary of the invisible, the abstract.

Simultaneously, it opens doors for the viewer to contribute their own interpretation and uncover individual meanings, fostering a multifaceted exchange between the observer and the artwork.

Alexa Dilla (born 1960 in Essen) studied painting, sculpture, and graphic design at the Merz Academy in Stuttgart. She currently resides in Berlin, working as a professional artist.


Having served as an art director in renowned agencies and owning her own digital media agency in Cologne since the late 90s, Alexa brings a wealth of experience to her artistic pursuits.


She participated in master workshops with watercolor artists such as Oskar Koller, Marc Folly, and Ian Stewart.


Alexa has exhibited her work at the Women’s Museum alongside Adelheid Kilian, participated in annual exhibitions of the German Watercolor Society, and held solo exhibitions at the VHS Solingen.


For over 15 years, she has been a professional artist, winning competitions and authoring a book on watercolor painting. Alexa is one of the founding members of the German Watercolor Society and has established partnerships with Faber-Castell and Hahnemühle. Since 2012, she has been active as an urban sketcher in Cologne and later in Berlin.


During four transformative years, she traveled (almost) around the globe, working as an onboard artist for TUI on the “Mein Schiff” cruise ship. Throughout her journey, she had numerous enriching encounters and created over 20 sketchbooks and approximately 35 watercolor paintings. From the Mediterranean, the Atlantic, and the Pacific to Spitsbergen, Singapore, Iceland, and Colombia, Alexa captured the essence of her travels.


Her sketchbooks and travel experiences have been featured in “Palette & Zeichenstift,” the Hahnemühle Blog, and on her personal blog.


Alexa also runs a highly successful tutorial YouTube channel and actively engages with her audience on Facebook and Instagram.


During her international painting trips and workshops, she shares her expertise in watercolor techniques, the urban sketching toolbox, and plein air painting.


Alexa is fluent in German and English.


1976 -1981 Merz Academy, Stuttgart

Studies in graphic design


1999 – Today Masterworkshops Oskar Koller, Ian Stewart, Nicolas Lopez, Marc Folly and others



2023 Art of Watercolor 1st place “Watercolor Sketches done on location”

2 further motifs in the first places


2016 Hahnemüle Art Calendar Competition “Nature in the City”



2014 German Watercolour Society annual exhibition


2009 VHS Solingen solo exhibition


2008 Gallery Nippes Cologne solo exhibition


2007 Frauenmuseum Bonn, group exhibition with Adelheid Kilian





2016 EMF Verlag “Watercolour painting – motifs inspired by nature”


2016 Hahnemühle Blog “From my studio”


2016 Palette and Drawing Pencil “On all seas – urban sketching on a cruise ship”


2014 – 2019 German Watercolour Society Yearbook Watercolour



2014 – 2017 TUI Mein Schiff on board as a painter around the globe


Since 2008 workshops, painting trips Bali, Greece, Venice, Germany, among others for artistravel